Cleaning | Repairs | Restoration

The cleaning, repair, and restoration of bronze and granite can bring a stone or bronze of even the most distant past back to its original glory. It is common that these service become apparent to families when we are inspecting stones and bronzes for lettering to be added - it is our duty to aid you and show you what can be done when deterioration takes it's toll on your beloved memorial.

In order to uphold the splendor and elegance of older monuments, Valhalla Memorials has established a technique for restoring and cleaning that is totally environmentally responsive and tender to the old monuments. We do our best to ensure that your stone is refurbished to as close to it’s original glory as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and talk to us about how we can aid in your cleaning, repair, and restoration needs - 914.448.3800 - please allow one to two day for us to reply once we have received all the necessary information.