Handcrafted Mausoleums

Valhalla Memorials is alone the best provider of handcrafted and custom design mausoleums -we build and install the best in estate mausoleums price points our competitors can not come close to  - we are well acquainted with the detailed steps of the mausoleum process. With Valhalla you deal with us and only us - from finding the right cemetery property to the early design concepts and on through the finishing touches and landscaping.

We will take the apprehension and anxiety out of selecting the perfect stone, design and structure – you are in good hands from day one. Our steadfast service and knowledgeable staff will ensure forthright and peaceful process. Our mausoleum types range from single crypt entombment to private family walk-in mausoleums with multiple crypts.

We are also well equipped to provide the multi-position granite columbaria which are rising in repute around the country. Columbaria’s as an option afford facility and equitable cost and can make a terrific option for any estate, cemetery location or church.

Each of our mausoleums are bespoke crafted handmade pieces built uniquely for each order.

Because of Valhalla Memorials' status as one of the largest and most prestigious monument dealers in the State of New York - we are work with our clients and truly make our pricing options quite affordable.  In the industry we command tremendous buying power with a strong family tradition that has blessed our business with truly talented craftsmen. Through these advantages our customers are able to find a pure pricing and guaranteed results.

We hop you will give us the opportunity to build you a quote - and prove to your the value of Valhalla Memorials - we are the guaranteed best quality for the lowest price.