The lettering of markers and monument is done once the stone is placed in the cemetery. At Valhalla Memorials we give stringent consideration to every letter. We pay are artisans in the technique and style of every cut to produce perfectly structured, spaced and sized letters for ideal products.

*Photographs of memorial are extremely helpful in determining how to accurately approach each stone.

Whenever possible,

It is best practice to inspect the stone to-be-lettered to additionally assure that the lettering will blend seamlessly with old in terms of size, letter and style —all extremely significant concerns which allow for a appropriate pair to the remaining letters.

There is a great deal of talent and craftsmanship that goes into finding a match for old hand cut V/sunk letters and replicating those letters in the same original technique through the use of hand tools and true artisanship— our preservation and practice of the old artistic techniques ensures that the only way the new inscriptions can match the new perfectly stays alive and remains the best option for our clients.


Contacting us or stopping by our location and having a conversation with our seasoned professionals is by far the easiest way to determine exactly what you need and how we can help that become a reality. Most cemeteries have guidelines and procedures about the way contractors conduct work in their cemetery — to determine what is required in your cemetery it is essential that we receive comprehensive cemetery and burial information including fully described current names on the stone to be replicated.

For more information please contact us at 914.448.3800 - we will gladly assist you in all your inscription and lettering needs